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Boi Akih

The band Boi Akih represents a musical movement in which diverse styles from such places as India, Africa, Europe and the Moluccan Islands melt together with jazz. Singer Monica Akihari and composer guitarist Niels Brouwer characterise the essence of Boi Akih in an ensemble of song and composition. In search of their musical boundaries they challenge and at the same time complement one another. Akihari sings not only in English but also in her native language: the language of the Moluccan island Haruku. On their latest CD Yalelol the group uses a duet-form and in addition to jazz, their are also Indonesian, Indian, European, West African and Arab influences. On the third album Uwa i (2004) Boi Akih was inspried by music from Bangalore, India. The first cd of Boi Akih, with the same title, appeared in 1997 and the second one, Above the Clouds, Among the Roots, in 2000. De Volkskrant wrote: "Boi Akih is a world class band. Daring, adventurous and lyrical are the keyworeds."
WIN 2008

participant in

Winternachten 2008

   Winternachten Friday Night
   - Music: Boi Akih & Bart Fermie

Winternachten 2005

   Winternacht 1
   - Boi Akih: Indonesia, India and Europe join in jazz

Winternachten 2003

   Winternacht 1
   - Boi Akih

Winternachten 2000

   Winternacht 1
   - Music: From South-Africa to the Moluccas

Boi Akih & Bart Fermie foto Boris Breuer

Boi Akih & Bart Fermie foto Boris Breuer